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Optimum, the most favorable condition for growth or success. We chose this name because we believe that every player, parent, and coach involved in our sport deserves to experience an environment where everyone can succeed. We are dedicated to putting our athletes first and do all that we can to promote a positive and uplifting environment within the game of volleyball.

Optimum Volleyball Club (OVC) is focused on developing an elite premier club through the physical and mental development of its players. At OVC, we believe that the whole player must be developed in order for our athletes to reach their potential and to give our teams the best possible chance at experiencing success. We know that this can only be achieved with constant work and the proper mental approach to the game. At OVC, we push everyone to work and give them all the tools they need to become the best player and person that they are capable of becoming. We strive to build our teams for competition at the highest levels and although winning is something we do, it is not our sole purpose for competing. Competition is about growth and development. It is about being a part of a team and striving towards a common goal. At OVC, we believe that competition can teach an individual how to battle through adversity and grow their confidence. In the right environment it can lead an individual towards the optimum volleyball experience.

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